Rodam International Inc. (Rodam) with its headquarters in Laval, Québec is a firm which manufactures and distributes bathroom accessories and furniture.

Established 27 years ago, Rodam's longevity is mostly due to the innovative mind and perseverance of its owner and founder, Mr. André Madore and his choice team.

In fact, the company achieved its greater success with the introduction of the Bungy© in the 90's. It is while observing bungy jumper enthusiasts that Mr. Madore got the idea for a stretchable hand-shower hose. Today the Bungy© is produced under a unique and patented process.

Also, the company registered Rainb'o as the trademark for its shower heads and hand-showers.

Rodam attained its expertise by striving to supply a high-end product that would meet the needs of a more exacting consumer.

The products are manufactured, under Rodam supervision, in our own facilities in China thus assuring the quality even before packaging.

This past year the company entered in an exclusive association with a maker of bathroom furniture. This furniture comes in various motifs and in different finishes and can be bought with or without the sink.

Rodam products are available in many chain-stores across Canada and even in a few of the United States.